Barbados Diet


Ok, so all this weened I was saying, what I’m sure we are all sick of saying, “My diet starts monday” but this time it’s totally true! I had such a great easter weekend with my friends in Vegas and had so much tasty easter candy:) but my husband is taking me to Barbados for my birthday, the week of May 9th, which I’m really excited for, so it’s time to get swimsuit ready! So I have just over a month do it! This weekend I tweeted about starting my diet Monday and asked who wanted to do it with me and since quite a but if you asked me to share I figured I would!! So i’ve come up with my workout plan for the week, and will post what i’m eating for each day.  My husband does this crazy no carb diet, and I’ll admit, it’s really hard for me to dive into it, so i’m taking it week by week, lowering my carb intake as i go, starting with breads and processed carbs. This morning I had a little bit of cream of wheat for breakfast, and for lunch i’m having steamed vegetables and small chicken breast (baked) over a bed of brown rice.   I don’t usually love brown rice, but when you cook it in a little bit of chicken broth and some lime, it’s not bad:) and then at sometime during the day i’ll have a small fruit and veggie smoothie/juice, pictured above.  See also Homemade Green Monster for another recipe and to see how I do carrots in my juices.  For dinner, i’ll have a light vegetable stir fry:)

Today’s Daily Fav is The Sisters in the City blog. I’m kind of obsessed with her outfit:) Check it out HERE!

ps – if you have any questions about how to do any of these, feel free to ask! Just remember that we all have our own goals, strengths and abilities, be safe and know your limits.  I usually do 3 sets of 12-15 of light weight to try and build long, lean muscle.

good luck to us all:)

xx Amber


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Photo Diary and Recipes

This past week it was my cousin Lauren and my brother’s graduation!! So here are some pics from that:
my love
during graduation this is what David and I do….
Cutest Lauren
 My sissy Ashley {she has the best skin, ever. it looks freaken photoshopped.}
 cousin Christina (left) my littlest sis Jamie (right)
 My brother and his cute preggo wife!!
My honey carries my heels for me when I can’t walk in them any longer haha
Just the best boyfriend
After graduation dinner
It was also my cute mama’s birthday! I was at my friend’s house in Paris and they brought out a cake with all these huge candles on it and when they lit them they did was she is holding and I thought it was so dang cool. So of course I brought some back.
My dad saw the candle and said, “do you think we should do that outside?”
me: “nah” (sometimes I dont think things through)
Turns out we should have! We almost set off the smoke detector.
Okay so… I made my handsome and I some dinner for our din din/breaking bad date last night and I thought I would share the recipes I used!
 I figured since I like to braid hair…. why not braid the crust of our pie?!
Martha Stewart’s Banana Cream Pie
 The braided crust looks much less cute once its cooked.. but the pie was delish.
Recipe: here
Thanks Martha.
{if it is your first time making a pie, watch her make this pie on her show here}
Cucumber/Mint Lemonade
When David and I were in Vegas we had the most delicious mint/cucumber lemonade and I keep trying to remake it but nothing works! I didn’t love this recipe.. it is just cucumbers and mint leaves pureed and then mixed with lemonade.. I guess I will have to keep trying! If anyone has any good recipes for this please share!
Rachel Ray’s Chili Con Queso Pasta Bake
 I forgot to take a pic, so I stole this from the website with the recipe! It requires quite a few ingredients, but it is super easy and so yummy! I really loved it!
Recipe: here
 Breaking Bad dinner date.
If you don’t watch Breaking Bad you are seriously missing out!

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34 Valentine Ideas!

YAY! Almost time for Valentines!!!! Reasons I love Valentines:

(keep in mind I am 100% a hopeless romantic)
1. Everything in stores in lovey dovey and romantic. 
2. There are always amazing chick flicks that come out on Valentines. (The Vow.. eek)
3. Its an excuse to get dressed up and wear red/pink lipstick.
4. I love doing cute things for my Valentine (won’t have one this year though..poo)
5. Valentine parties.
6. Getting dressed up and going out with all my single friends :)
7. Passing out old school Valentines
8. Everything is PINK and RED and so girly. Which is nice to have.. for a month.
Some ideas for your Valentines:
DIY decorations:

 Hearts on Twigs
 Streaming Newspaper Hearts
Cut-out Heart Garland
1. Hearts on twigs: click here to learn how
2. Streaming newspaper hearts: click here to learn how
3. Cut-out heart garland: click here to learn how
For your Valentine:

 DIY Vintage Arrow Valentine
Free Valentine Printables
 DIY Chalk Heart Cards
 DIY Light of my Life Valentine
 DIY 52 Reasons Why I Love You
 DIY Picture in Mason Jar with Oil
 DIY “I Love You Because..” Dry Erase Board
Free Printable for your Nerd
1. 101 Handmade Valentine Ideas: here
2. Alphabet of Love: Learn how here
3. 101 Valentine ideas under $5: here
4. DIY Vintage Arrow Valentine: Learn how here
5. Cute Valentine Printables: Get them here
6. Chalk Heart Cards: Learn how here
7. DIY Light of my Life Valentine: Learn how here
8. 52 Reason Why I Like/(or love) You: Learn how here
9. Picture in a Jar with Oil: here
10.  DIY “I Love You Because..” Dry Erase Board: here
11. Free Nerd Valentine Printable: here
Valentine Party Ideas:
 Chocolate Covered Sparkle Pretzels
 Sparkle Red Velvet Cake Pops
DIY Balloon Decor
 Red Velvet XOXO Cupcakes
 DIY Glitter Garland
 Heart Shapes Red Velvet and Cheesecake Brownies
 Heart Shaped Cookies
 Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies
 Easy Flower and Candy Centerpiece
 Cute Sprinkles and Candle Idea
 Candy Cane and Chocolate Heart Pops
DIY Valentine Scavenger Hunt Idea
1. Chocolate Covered Glitter Pretzels: here
2. Glitter Red Velvet Cake Pops: here
3. DIY Balloon Decor: here
4. Red Velvet XOXO Cupcakes: here
5. DIY Glitter Garland: here
6. Heart Shaped Red Velvet and Cheesecake Brownies: here
7. Heart Shaped Cookies: here
8. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies: here
9. Flowers and Candy Centerpiece: here
10. Sprinkles and Candles: here
11. Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Pops: here
12. DIY Valentine Scavenger Hunt Idea: here
Valentine Attire:
Red Dress
Simple Pink and Gold Necklace
 Red and White Dress
Tail Dress
 Red Scarf
 Black Heart Cut-out Dress
 Simple Outfit w/ Red Pumps and Salmon Bag
Multi Colored Blouse
1. Mod Cloth Red Dress: here
2. Simple Pink and Gold Necklace: here
3. Red and White Dress: here
4. Tail Dress: here
5. Red Scarf: here
6. Black Heart Dress: here
7. Red Pumps: here
8. Multi Colored Blouse: here

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Star Wars Fiasco

Soo for all you geeks out there.. this post is for you.
You see I have a friend who likes Star Wars and so I decided to make Star Wars cookies for them. Twas quite the adventure. I saw on the box the cookies just looked so cute and adorable.. and based off of my gingerbread decorating skills, I figured my Star Wars character decorating must be on point as well. Hmmm….. no.
Too many details. Way too many.
I thought, “hm this should only take maybe an hour (to decorate)”
NO! It literally took like 3 hours just to ice the dang things.
Not that I minded at all since it was for a good friend and I wanted to do it.. but I was still so pissed at Yoda by the end of it… he was supposed to look like the Yoda I fell in love with on the box in the store! I may have even verbally abused the poor thing a few times. And the thought of chucking him across the room and into the garbage disposal may have crossed my mind. Try to understand.. it was just a shot to my domestic ego is all.
And making black and gray icing was not as simple as I anticipated either. Which it should be, I mean I payed close attention in art class growing up since supposedly I’m “creative” (my mother always tried to tell me). I know the color wheel and what not so this should have been an easy task.
I’m convinced that the cookies on the box are photo-shopped. There is no other logical explanation.
{Williams Sonoma Cookie Cutters: $20}
{Sugar Cookie Recipe: here}
{Icing Recipe: here}
Anyways here is my documented adventure:
I always add 1/8th cup of vanilla instant pudding.. to everything I bake. Pancakes, cookies, cakes, waffles, everything! 

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num num

whyyy is it sooo hard to eat healthy??? there is just way too much delicious food in this world. i mean seriously… a oreo inside of a cookie? good gosh. heavenly.

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