Bora Bora Travel Guide and Video

Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

STRIPED SWIMSUIT: ASOS // BIKINI TOP: Beach Riot // BOTTOMS: Beach Riot // BLUE COVERUP: Somedays Lovin // TULUM DRESS: T-Bags Los Angeles // RED DRESS: Flynn Skye // SUNGLASSES: Gentle Monster

Where we stayed

You may have noticed that The Four Seasons Bora Bora hosted us while in Bora Bora and it was a dream! It’s been on my bucket list for sooo long and I’m so happy we finally got to go. Four Seasons is for sure a luxury resort and it’s not the kind of place we would ever go spontaneously or on a whim, its moreso the kind of vacation you plan for a while and save up for. Especially since not only is it a luxury resort but you just can’t find cheap flights there, I would say if you’re leaving from the states you won’t pay less than 1,500 per person and that would be a very good deal! But you absolutely get what you pay for, it is so unbelievably nice and the staff/service is the best we have had. Most people there were on their honeymoon, babymoon, anniversary, getting married there (they have a wedding almost every day of the week there!!) etc. We stayed in an over the water bungalow with glass bottom windows. The view was honestly overwhelming it was so pretty. It was so nice to stay at a resort where you feel like you’re on vacation when you are in your room or back porch. Most of our vacations I would feel guilty laying around because there are so many things to go see but here you can lounge and everywhere you are lounging has the best views EVER!

How we got around 

When you’re at the resort, there really is no reason to get around. Everything you need is at the resort. So we ended up just walking around or hitching rides on the golf carts around the resort. There are ferries to the main island twice a day. The one during the day is free and drops you off for 4 hours but the one in the evening costs. Do yourselves a favor and just take advantage of everything the resort has to offer, no real reason to have to leave:) Everyone we talked to who had left the resort to the main island said they regretted it because the resort is so much better!

What we did

There is so much to do there. At the concierge they have a book of all the activities you can do. Snorkeling and swimming with rays and sharks, paragliding, helicopter tours, kayaking, jet skis, and paddle boarding and so much more and its all at the resort so you don’t have to leave. We honestly ended up relaxing on the beach and swimming most of the time because we just wanted to relax (I am pregnant, people!)

There is also a spa which is soo nice and I got a prenatal massage! It was heaven!

For the kids  

I went back and forth for months on whether or not I wanted to leave Atticus with family. We ultimately decided to bring him and I’m so glad we did! My biggest fear, and I kept on having nightmares about this, was sleeping in an over water bungalow. I almost canceled our flights multiple times but then just agreed that we would never let him outside. I kept worrying about the balcony and him falling off:/ I bought a Puddle Jumper and planned on having him pretty much live in it. But when we arrived we walked to the back balcony and noticed that they had installed plexliglass childproof panels on the rails and a gate! It was SUCH a relief I can’t even tell you! They do this for all their guest with small children and we were so grateful. We were definitely still cautious and always had our guard up but it was great to know that we always had that barrier.

There really is so much for kids to do. They have a kids center where you can drop your kids off for arts and crafts, movies nights, games, and so much more. They even have a splash pad outside the kids center which Atticus loved! They have so many beaches there on the resort but a few of them were our favorites because of how shallow they were and because they were protected in the lagoon so they didn’t have waves. They were pretty much kiddie pools which was great because Atticus could just splash around and play with the fish:) There were fish everywhere on the beaches, especially the lagoon! I am talking like hundreds of tropical fish, right at our feet, it was amazing. They even have baby sitting available upon request.

The staff was so friendly and would come up and give him hugs and play with him, they would even bring him fruit and snacks on the beach just to be nice. I was worried about him getting fussy on the beach since its so quiet and I knew so many people paid a lot to be there, but honestly everyone was so nice and would come say hi and talk to him. He only got fussy a couple of times and it wasn’t a big deal.

Where we ate

The resort has 4 amazing restaurants. We got to eat at each one. We had their breakfast buffet every morning and it was SO good (crepes, waffles, pancakes, eggs benedict, fresh juice, and like a million other things! Best buffet I had ever been to). When we relaxed at the beach, we ate the beach side BBQ. For dinner they have the Sunset Bar and Grill which has a great view of sunset and one night we got to go to their fine dining restaurant Arii Moana. Most nights Atticus was out early so we ended up just getting room service but we loved everything we had.

Getting to Bora Bora

We were in Bora Bora for a week total but with travel time it ended up being a 10 day trip! But before I get into all that I get asked all the time what we do with Chauncey when we leave for so long. A couple years ago we discovered DogVacay. It has been so great for us. On one of our first trips after we got married, we boarded Chauncey at a kennel. We dropped him off and when we saw the place we looked at each other and never again! So we discovered DogVacay which is pretty much a social network of regular people who take your dog into their homes, the best part is, they walk them, cuddle them, play with them, even let them sleep in their beds! Here in the city we met some really good friends who we found through DogVacay and we have Chauncey stay there whenever we can. They love him so much! He takes him on runs in central park with him, he’s taken him camping, and they even have a back yard where they hang out. You may have seen the picture I tweeted of them lounging in his hammock while we were in Europe. They really are so great and love Chaunce almost as much as we do. The other family he goes with love him just as much and the husband even takes him to work everyday with him and says the whole office loves him! It’s more affordable but it’s just so much more comforting. It’s always sad to leave him, but when we do at least we know he’s in good hands and sometimes I think he might be having more fun with them ha!

We broke up our travel because total travel time was 34 hours! So we stayed a night in LA on the way there and the way back. If you’re traveling with children I’d definitely recommend doing this. Atticus does great on flights but 34 hours is a long time even without a baby. From LA we flew into Tahiti (if you are on Tahiti Air make sure you don’t get a front row because the arm rests don’t lift up which is a major bummer when you have a baby with you!) It seems like really long travel time and it is, but trust me this trip is totally worth it!

When you get to Tahiti you take a quick flight to Bora Bora and then from their Four Seasons picks you up on a (really nice) boat and takes you over!

Hope you like the video we made from our stay:) You can shop everything from the video below!




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12 Favorite Ab Workouts

Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

JACKETRace with Grace // BOTTOMSWunder Under // SHORTSBreezy Short // MATT3mm // SHOESNike // STROLLER: Uppababy

This week has kind of been a weird, off week for me! I don’t even know why – I have just been feeling off! So it was nice to get outside and get some fresh air with my boys. Working out and getting fresh air always make me feel better. I also got an excuse to wear my new work out clothes from Lululemon! I have always heard the craze about them and its all just so so true. Everything fits like a glove and the colors and strap designs are so unique and make it fun to get dressed to work out.

Living in the city we have been so much more active that I honestly don’t feel bad if I don’t make it to the gym! Between walking Chauncey a few times a day, random trips to markets, trips in the park, shopping, or whatever, the miles really add up! Somedays we walk (excluding cardio) 6 or 8 miles! The warmer it gets too, the more miles we add up because it’s easy do cardio in the park. I love that we have the trail that goes around Jackie Onassis Reservoir so close to us! It is such a a beautiful view and I love just walking and thinking!

I really love lululemon’s strappy workoutout tops/bras which I normally wear to the gym, or for an at home workout, but for outdoors long sleevespants and gloves are still the way to go.

I also wanted to share with you this short video of my top 12 favorite ab workouts that you can do at home or at the gym! Honestly I always think it comes down to butt and abs! If those two things are in shape you can usually fool the rest into looking in shape too ;) plus I love the feeling of having tight abs – it makes me feel good and helps motivate me to want to stay in shape! The only thing you need is a mat, and a weight (or a baby or something heavy).

**Disclaimer – I am not a professional AT ALL! So I am not saying any of this is “correct form” I am sure some of you professionals will be thinking, she needs her back straighter!!! Or whatever. But this is just how I like to work out, thats all :) Watch the video HERE or scroll down!

Hope you all have a great day!

*Thanks to lululemon for sponsoring this post!

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Fitness Gear

Barefoot Blonde ^^Went to take pictures in my new work out clothes and thennnnBarefoot Blonde

LEGGINGS: Nike via Macy’s // TOP: Nike via Macy’s // SNEAKERS: Adidas // SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban

And then I started jumping up and down and doing really weird things because I was FROZEN. So we ended up with a ton of pictures of me looking like a cold bird trying to pee like a human haha! Not cute. BUT I wanted to do a post on work out clothes because it is almost the new year and I REALLY want to set new fitness goals for myself because I have not gone to a gym since before I had Atticus! I have always been very into fitness and love lifting weights and just being active and this is BY FAR the longest I have ever gone and hopefully the longest I will ever go again because I am turning over a new leaf and going to tone up again. I don’t know what my fitness plan is going to be yet – probably boxing and pilates but whatever it is I will share it on here.

Before then I figured why not get some new work out clothes?! I am getting rid of ALL my old stuff and starting fresh so here is some work out inspiration and/or gift guide (almost Christmas eek!) for the fitness lover. Macy’s has the cutest workout clothes!Barefoot Blonde

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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Fitness Part 1

Barefoot Blonde fitness So today I am talking fitness! Quite honestly I haven’t worked out much since I have been pregnant, not as often and not nearly as hard as I was before. I believe in being active for mental health as well as physical health and love to be active in some way each day even if while I am pregnant some days it is just taking my dog on a walk and playing with him out back and making sure I park in a far parking spot haha

The #1 thing I get asked to do a post on is my work out so I will be sharing some of my favorite work outs (throughout the year!) and the ones I found most effective (these I did PRE pregnancy) but I will also share pregnancy work outs as I get further into my pregnancy.

Barefoot Blonde fitness

This work out I am sharing today may seem a bit silly because they are really simple moves but to me this is what gets me the leanest and most toned. I usually do this work out three times a week:

CARDIO 60 MIN (I usually do 30 min on the bike and 30 on row machine!)

300 LUNGES (If this seems like a lot, start out at 150 like I did and I worked my way up adding about 20 each day. I usually do 25 at a time walking around an indoor track and walk 200 yards in between and your legs are supposed to shake afterwards :) )

300 REPS OF VARIOUS AB EXERCISES (again I know this may seem outrageous if you are just starting to get working out again but just start doing 100 a day and add 15 or 20 each day you do them.) I will do 25 sit ups, 25 air bike, 25 butt ups, 30 second plank (I count as 25 sit ups) and just pick 4 different exercises and rotate between those that day and then the next day rotate a couple different ones into it.

And after that I am beat. On the two days in between I do various arm work outs and work different parts of my body with weights or I do boxing work outs but I will share those work outs another day :)

Also music is huge for me in working out, if I can’t find my headphones or something I will not go to the gym until I have them found! It is so motivating for me and sometimes just listening to a certain song can put me in the mood to go do a really good work out so as I do these work out posts I will also share my current playlist!


Doses and Mimosas by Cherub

Do My Thang by Miley

The Illest by Far East Movement

Do I (Where We Are) by Cherub

Dark Horse by Katy Perry

Big Poppa by The Notorious B.I.G.

Cinema by Benny Benassi (Skrillex Remix)

React by Eric Sermon

Thats all for today! Check back tomorrow to see the Chunk Side Braid Tutorial!! xo

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Barbados Diet


Ok, so all this weened I was saying, what I’m sure we are all sick of saying, “My diet starts monday” but this time it’s totally true! I had such a great easter weekend with my friends in Vegas and had so much tasty easter candy:) but my husband is taking me to Barbados for my birthday, the week of May 9th, which I’m really excited for, so it’s time to get swimsuit ready! So I have just over a month do it! This weekend I tweeted about starting my diet Monday and asked who wanted to do it with me and since quite a but if you asked me to share I figured I would!! So i’ve come up with my workout plan for the week, and will post what i’m eating for each day.  My husband does this crazy no carb diet, and I’ll admit, it’s really hard for me to dive into it, so i’m taking it week by week, lowering my carb intake as i go, starting with breads and processed carbs. This morning I had a little bit of cream of wheat for breakfast, and for lunch i’m having steamed vegetables and small chicken breast (baked) over a bed of brown rice.   I don’t usually love brown rice, but when you cook it in a little bit of chicken broth and some lime, it’s not bad:) and then at sometime during the day i’ll have a small fruit and veggie smoothie/juice, pictured above.  See also Homemade Green Monster for another recipe and to see how I do carrots in my juices.  For dinner, i’ll have a light vegetable stir fry:)

Today’s Daily Fav is The Sisters in the City blog. I’m kind of obsessed with her outfit:) Check it out HERE!

ps – if you have any questions about how to do any of these, feel free to ask! Just remember that we all have our own goals, strengths and abilities, be safe and know your limits.  I usually do 3 sets of 12-15 of light weight to try and build long, lean muscle.

good luck to us all:)

xx Amber


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Watermelon Juice

Buying a magazine for myself is such a treat and only a semi annual thing.. I kind of think they are rather expensive (at least for such a quick read its expensive), or maybe I am just super cheap. But something about reading a magazine feels girly to me and since I love them and love looking at the ads and seeing all of my favorite models and reading new random tips, I treat myself to them every now and again.
So a couple weeks ago something came over me and I found myself at the Target register buying a Women’s Health magazine. I made sure I read it from cover to cover so my $4.99 wouldn’t go to complete waste (I tell you, I am pretty darn cheap.) Anyways, I saw this cool article about watermelon juice.
They said that in a recent study mice were fed a diet high in saturated fat and cholestrol and the mice that had watermelon juice with that diet gained 30% less weight than those that didnt. They say it is due to an amino acid called citrulline which is also found in garlic, onions, and chickpeas.
Anyways, I thought that was pretty cool and my husband and I decided to give it a try. I was kind of nervous to make ‘Watermelon Juice’ because my thinking was, here we have this delicious watermelon, if the drink sucks, it will be gone and I won’t even have a delicious drink! But luckily, it is really yummy!! And it also has other benefits like helping with aging, and kickstarts your metabolism for the day! Whether this is all true or not, I am not a scientist.. but I think the drink is good anyways, so I am running with it!
We did:
(makes one serving)
3 cups watermelon
1 Tbsp. honey
1Tbsp. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. ginger (juiced)
4 ice cubes
& blend all together in a blender or magic bullet :)

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Homemade Green Monster

After I mentioned that my husband and I are going to begin juicing again, I got asked what my favorite recipe is! So I am going to tell you :)
I am sure you guys have had Naked juices before.. they are the best! The Green Monster is my favorite and my husband and I make our own version of it with all of the main ingredients!
We juice the apples and ginger in a Jack LaLanne juicer (here) and then blend that juice in a Ninja blender (here) with the mango, banana, pineapple, kiwi, and spinach! We blend the rest as to not lose any of the fruit in the juicer, if that makes sense. (obviously not all the fruit is juice so some of it gets discarded) You could blend all of it or juice all of it, just depends how you like it and what type of blender you have! If you have a Blendtec (here)- you could easily blend all of it!
We are drinking clean juice like this for two meals a day and having a clean meal for our third. We usually have like veggies and brown rice or chicken and veggies! – Trying to get back in tip top shape, I have been slacking and I just feel gross so its been nice to eat clean! (we do have a cheat on Saturday nights though.. I have to have a little cheat day!) My husband surprised me with a punching bag a little ago and I am soo thrilled about it! I will show you all soon more about boxing soon!
Our ‘Green Monster’ recipe is at the bottom! :)

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I am in dire need of some detox after this past week… Too many pies, crepes, and sweet potatoes for me. I don’t know about you, but I am feelin pretty gross! My body needs some tlc. So I am going to do lots of juicing and cardio this week to detox. First thing in the morning I will have some fresh juice and go to spin class and muscle class.
I have tried a lot of juicing recipes… and after trial and error I think I found the one I like best (with the least amount of calories/sugars/carbs, that still tastes good).
I dont do any precise amounts… what is in this picture is about what I do, except about another handful of spinach. But I kinda just go crazy and throw a bunch of stuff in.
I don’t like celery in mine.. the taste overpowers everything and kinda makes me sick. And each time I juice, I always juice enough for 3 days, 3 glasses each of those days. I find it annoying cleaning my juicer and I dont want to do it 3 times a day, so I do bulk!
Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!
happy detoxing.

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Thanksgiving Workout

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEEK!! Like I am sure everyone is. I mean two day work week? Few things are better.
We leave tomorrow for Arizona and I am so excited for mine and David’s first holiday together. All of the first’s are so fun. We got our first key to our first place together and we were both so excited :) its also Davids first time coming to Mesa to see my house that I grew up in and he gets to meet my dog and two tortoises!!!
Funny how road trips are awful growing up. Fighting over who is taking up more space in the shared middle seat. Asking how much longer a million times. Begging your sis to tickle your back but she will only do a trade. Telling your brother to stop farting, but he only will if you massage him. Not having an iPhone because they aren’t invented yet. Ya know?
Now its great. I get to spend 10 uninterrupted hours with my dream man and I get one handed massages and back tickles while he drives and I relax. Ain’t too bad. (I would drive more, but men think they are just the greatest drivers….)
(and I am exaggerating, road trips with my fam are some of my favorite memories but you know what I mean)
But why does the holiday with the best array of food have to be weeks before my wedding? Torture. We decided to not worry about any dieting for Thanksgiving and the day after (left overs :) ) but we are going to continue to work out while we are down there. Normally I don’t worry about what I eat or how much I eat on Thanksgiving but since I have my final dress fitting right when I get back, and my wedding a couple weeks later, I am going to focus on doing more cardio than usual.
I did a really good cardio work out today that I found on blondeponytail.com, only I modified it a bit.
She does:
I did:
I ran my first two sets on 8.0 speed, my next two sets on 7.5, and my last two on 6.5. I did a little more than her work out just because I wanted to really really push myself. And it seriously did. I was sweating bullets after the second set and by the end I was covered in sweat and my face was bright red. Thats how it should be though :)
Here are some pics from my iPhone these past couple weeks:
 at my cousin’s reception
 my sis and I hangin out with my soon to be NEPHEW!!! :)
 Me and Jace in mine and David’s backyard.
(sundays I will be found in sweats and sweatshirts and only those things.)
 My bun to go with my pearl earrings David surprised me with
 Hot tubbin with my sissy bear
 love these two.
 thats a lotttta pizzas in my backseat….
 David massages my feet while we watch football games. I didn’t even have to ask him. He just suggested that it be that way and I didn’t question him.When we were in California watching a football game just barely, he was rubbing my feet and abruptly stops and grabs his phone and says, “im going to look up foot rubbing techniques!” hahaha it was too funny.

 David is a really good chef
 Makin apple pie with the most delicious apples from his backyard (I guess its our backyard)
 Right when David gave me my very first pearls… had to take a pic
At the beach
 crying during the election :(
 still rockin my Romney nails. so proud of that man. such a great guy.
I could not be any more obsessed.
If you want to have them to, go: here, here, and here and buy them. NOW.
Minus I feel scared to eat off of them because they are so beautiful.

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Getting Ready for my WEDDING!

As you have noticed my blog got a makeover! It was done by Smitten Blog Designs! I also have a new tab, Fitness, so that means I am going to do a lot more with health and fitness since it does mean a lot to me! I am excited.
I get married ONE month from today!!!
So I figured I would share what I am doing to get ready for my wedding day! Starting with…
I obviously want flawless skin for my wedding day.. so there are a few things I am doing:
NUMBER ONE: Retin A: I am using Retin A on my face every night for the next two weeks. Then I will wait 4 days (not using it) after which I am going to get an intense chemical peel.
I have used it off and on for over a year now and it really is amazing. It will clear up any acne and you will peel/flake for the first week or so but after the peeling ends you have the most flawless skin. Its such a joke how good your skin looks. Then I go a week or so without it and then go back. Sometimes I will go off it for a month or longer. Just depends what I have going on or how my skin is at the time. I do still use cream around my eyes while doing this and I always make sure to moisturize a lot in the morning before I do my make up!
I used to put it all over my face but stayed away from getting to close to my eyes, (a lot of people will say to never use it all over your face, I don’t listen because the results have been amazing) since I have used it so much I have learned where to NOT put it. Since you do peel/flake, do NOT  put it:
1. close to the bottom of your nose, you will flake and peel and it will look like flaky boogers. So yeah, just don’t.
2. close to your eyebrows. It will peel under your eyebrows if you get to close and it is SUPER annoying.
3. I DO put it on my chin but I leave an obvious space between my chin and bottom lip, I also don’t put it on the skin above my upper lip. If it gets to close to your lips they will get so chapped and you will want to die.
NUMBER TWO: Like I said, I will get a chemical peel probably 2.5 weeks before my wedding. My face will peel off for about 1.5 weeks and for the week before I will moisturize using Arcona Eye Dew around my eyes (its my absolute favorite anti aging/moisturizing product), on my forehead, and my smile lines, and I will use a basic moisturizer for everywhere else (I usually use Cetaphil or L’oreal Age Perfect)
NUMBER THREE: I try to go to the dermotologist about twice a year just to get feedback on my skin and what I can do better. I just went and I asked about my dark circles around my eyes.. They are not drastic but I notice them. He said I can buy an expensive product from him or double the amount of water I am drinking. I have been drinking about 8 water bottles a day and it has made SUCH a difference in my dark circles and just my skin everywhere. It also helps in muscle building. I hate drinking water, so I am just sucking it up and doing it because it makes such a difference.
NUMBER ONE: I am a religious Latisse user and have been for 2 years! It is amazing. The results are just incredible and I will never stop using it. I have seen NO side effects. They say your eye can darken, I have not noticed that. (my dark circles around my eyes are not due to using Latisse)
I have been going back and forth about getting lash extensions for my wedding and honeymoon, right now I am set on using individual falsies for my wedding day and dying my real lashes for the honeymoon.
NUMBER TWO: About 2 days before my wedding I am going to have my eyebrows trimmed, waxed, and dyed! I love dying my eyebrows. I was so scared to do it at first, but if you get someone good, it really is amazing the difference it makes.
NUMBER ONE: I am deep conditioning my hair at least once a week using Moroccan Oil Restorative Mask. I have used LOTS of deep conditioners but I love this one and the Biolage deep conditioner best. I wash my hair with shampoo and hot water, get most of the moisture out, put this stuff in from mid strand to ends, wait 15 minutes, and rinse with cold water. Sometimes I will get out of the shower to put it in and walk around and do whatever for about 30 minutes then rinse.
NUMBER TWO: In case you didn’t know, I DO use extensions. My hair is the same length as my extensions but I do it for thickness. I get the Euronext extensions from Sally’s and I always get the ‘Blonde Frost’ color in 18 inch length. I am going to get new ones probably 2 weeks before. (If you cant find your exact color, it is always good to get DARKER as opposed to LIGHTER when it comes to blonde extensions.)
NUMBER ONE: I am going to do the same diet I told you guys about, here. And I am upping my work out routines, I am going to the gym for about 1.5-2 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. I am mostly doing weights as I want to TONE, but I am also doing cardio for at least 15 min a day.
NUMBER TWO: I know supplements have such a negative connotation and many people are against them. Well guess what? I am not! (sometimes supplements can be bad, you have to look into them and make sure you know what you are taking!) Anyways I have been using this product called Thermo Success. It is a supplement you take and it helps you have energy and it boosts your metabolism! I have tried a few like this one before, but didn’t like them because they made me super shaky. This one is mild and does not do that as long as you eat before and obviously normal amounts throughout the whole day. I lost 4 pounds my first couple weeks on it. But I was taking it and ALSO doing my normal work outs! You do still have to work out for it to be that effective, but some days it is nice because if I know I won’t make it to the gym I will take it so that I am burning extra calories throughout my day.
If you want to buy the product you can buy it: here
Make sure you use the 15% off discount ‘BFBLONDE’
(that product was given to me for free, but this is the first supplement given to me of many I am actually telling you guys about. If I don’t like the product I always send it back and tell them what I didn’t like.)
Anyways, that is all for now! I will share more as the month goes on!!
Thanks for reading! xx

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Having a lazy Saturday today.. Besides a few clients I get to see today, all I really want to do is yoga and paint a picture for my new kitchen. David’s parents are in Costa Rica for 2 years so we will be house sitting until they get home! I am already living there and David will move in when we get married. But I keep going back and forth whether I want to spend money on a bunch of decorations or just save our money. I literally have like no decorations.. I remember moving up to college and getting a bunch but I either don’t like them anymore or just left them in past apartments.
Back to the painting… So anytime someone asks me, “what do you like to do for fun?” my mind immediately goes blank. 98% of the time I don’t have an answer for that question and I am just left asking myself “how lame am I?!?!” no hobbies? Do I seriously have no hobbies? I thought I did… but mostly when I get free time that means I am not running around or working or being busy so I just like to relax or hang out with David or go to the gym! So are my hobbies laying in bed, David, and the gym? Right. (not that that all isn’t great, because it is. its the best way to spend free time.) But… I still want a new hobby. So I am starting with painting.So what do you like to do for fun? “I like to paint.”That sounds nice.

Lets see how long this lasts…

Oh yeah and that picture was taken by Mark Hedengren a bit ago. We did a yoga and running photoshoot to test out his awesome new camera. All of you yoga experts are probably critiquing my form haha… well let me say that I don’t do yoga, not really. Well I am just not good at it. I like to do yoga and stretch at home when I am alone.. (is that weird?) I also like yoga classes.. especially hot yoga but I am always the girl that the instructor is calling out in class telling me to get down lower or something then eventually he comes around to lower an arm or straighten my back because I am kind of helpless when it comes to yoga formation.. so I usually end up doing it at home where I don’t need to be corrected :)
Anyways, have a good Saturday!

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My Diet

A lot of you have been asking about what I eat/do for a diet for about a year now. And I am finally getting around to telling you all. This is the diet I do before a vacation or special event or something.. in just my day to day life I try to eat as healthy as I can but i don’t worry about not having carbs after lunch and I will eat actual desserts I just try not to too late at night. I usually find something good that I love and keep going back to that…. you could say I get in food ruts.. but I love my tasty ruts. I don’t have strict guidelines.. I just try to stay away from carbs and sugar as much as I can but mostly I try to eat healthy and exercise a lot. I am still a girl with a raging hormonal sweet tooth so I am always craving sweets. I try to do alternative healthier sweets, but sometimes I just need to eat a gosh dang cookie or bowl of ice cream. So I do, I just make sure to balance that with physical activity.

*I will post my work out routines/tricks soon!

1. steel cut oats with sliced bananas and vanilla almond milk. If you havent tried vanilla almond milk I highly recommend! I used to add loads of brown sugar to my oatmeal or cream of wheat but with vanilla almond milk you don’t have to, its a much healthier alternative! (make sure you don’t get the unsweetened kind.. i sometimes accidentally do that because it will still say vanilla so it tricks ya.. but its gross)

2. vanilla yogurt (any brand, I get whatever generic brand has the best deal that day) and add grapes or strawberries or raspberries.. just whatever fruit I have laying around at the time
*I also eat this whenever I am craving sugar or sweets

3. bacon and eggs. my favorite way to do it is lay the bacon down, I do 3 pieces, and then once they are pretty much cooked, crack 2 eggs right on top of them like you would a fried egg and just let it cook however you like your fried egg. Does that make sense? It ends up being a fried egg with 3 pieces of bacon cooked inside and I just eat it like I would a piece of pizza haha

*I don’t have carbs after lunch time so I try to take advantage of lunch time and have a sandwich or something!

1. sliced cucumbers with sliced turkey. I get two of the cucumbers and a slice of turkey and put them together like a sandwich and then I dip it in light ranch (its better in cafe rio ranch.. but what isnt better in cafe rio ranch??). I have a few of those along with a half sandwich with light mayo, whole wheat bread, cucumbers, and turkey.
I love to put chips in my sandwiches to give it texture but cucumbers do the same thing and are healthier.

2. Whole sandwich with whole wheat bread. I either put egg salad, chicken salad, blt, or bananas and peanut butter inside.

3. Brushetta with tomatos, fresh mozzerella, and balsamic glaze (get the glaze its so much better than the liquidy vinegar.. if you don’t know what that means just ask someone at the grocery store and they should know what youre talkin about!)

4. tomato soup with macaroni noodles and lots of cheese.
so. freaking. good.

1. chicken breast dipped in egg whites and then dipped in blended up fiber one cereal baked in the oven.  It essentially tastes like breaded chicken only the fiber one is a healthier alternative.

2. Salads. I am a savage when it comes to salads I just put anything I have in a tupperware, throw some light dressing on and shake it up. I either broccoli, cucumbers, tomatos, cheese, corn, chicken, seriously whatever I have.

3. Mmmm I lovvvve making shredded chicken with seasoning and adding corn to it and then getting a head of lettuce and just make lettuce wraps with it. Its so yummy.

4. Veggies. I usually just have squash and asparagus and saute them together with some olive oil and whatever seasonings sound good at the time.

1. sugar free & carb free jello parfaits

2. sugar free puddings

3. sugar free & carb free strawberries and cream tic tacs – I eat these to curve a sugar craving

4. a chocolate protein shake with peanut butter and vanilla almond milk.. so yummy!!

5. vanilla yogurt with fruit

6. carrots dipped in cafe rio ranch. divine.

7. cucumbers and turkey in ranch

8. strawberry dipped in dark chocolate

9. bananas dipped in crushed graham crackers

Have a healthy eating!!

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