I normally pretty much always have my hair in messy curls or beachy waves but when my hair gets greasy, sometimes I look a little too homeless to have my hair down. I realized this when the 9 year old who I nanny got in the car and this happened..
chanel: “did you just shower?”
me: “nope!”
chanel: “why is your hair kinda wet?”
Turns out people can see the separating greasy hair at the top of my head? Who knew.
So today I decided to go with a more sleek look, which is a rarity for me.
(sorry about the bad pics.. I didn’t have anyone to take them so I tried to do selfies… it didn’t work so well!)

and one from my iphone

I used Moroccan Oil hair spray and sprayed my whole head of hair and brushed through it making sure I had no fly aways (for the most part) on my scalp area. Then I put it in a pony but the last time instead of pulling it through all the way I left it in a little bun. I sprayed and combed the left out piece from the bun not being pulled through and wrapped it around and secured with blonde bobby pins.

Did that make sense? I hope so! Its super easy!

Have a good weekend!

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  1. My boyfriend loves it when I have my hair like this ! However your way is different then mines could you please make a turorial for this?

  2. Thanks everyone!!!

    And Stephie- I am wearing Cut a Caper with nude gloss over top!

    Ann- Really? You need to chill out and pick and choose your battles. To feel that strongly about such a common expression is sad. Learn to not be offended so easily.

  3. So, all homeless people have greasy hair, huh?

    WOW, that is one of the cruelest, most ignorant and insensitive remarks I’ve heard in a long, long time.

    You should be ashamed.