Barefoot Blonde Amber and the kids on a walk with ChaunceyBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie smiling in Battery ParkBarefoot Blonde Amber and the kids eating ice creamBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus at Sea Glass CarouselBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie wearing her glassesBarefoot Blonde Amber and the kids walking on pier at Battery ParkBarefoot Blonde Amber and the kids eating ice cream at Battery ParkBarefoot Blonde Rosie on the Bench in Battery ParkBarefoot Blonde Amber loading the Diaper BagBarefoot Blonde Diaper Bag itemsBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie kissing in Battery ParkBarefoot Blonde Amber and the Kids looking at boats

Barefoot Blonde Amber getting wipes out of her diaper bag

Barefoot Blonde Amber and wind blown Rosie

Barefoot Blonde Atticus waiting for ice cream

Barefoot Blonde Amber and Atticus kissing in Battery Park

Barefoot Blonde Amber walking with kids in stroller in Battery ParkBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie playing by splash padBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie in Sea Glass CarouselBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie Kissing in the parkBarefoot Blonde Amber kissing the kids in the strollerBarefoot Blonde Amber caressing Atticus' CheekBarefoot Blonde Atticus at Sea Glass CarouselBarefoot Blonde Amber whispering to RosieBarefoot Blonde Rosie biting Amber's nose

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I know what you’re thinking, another post of the Clark family in the park. But I have to say, we had our first taste of fall last week and I know that before you know it, all the parks will either be under a foot of snow or we’ll be gone, for good! So we’re really trying to soak it up while we can especially since the weather has been so nice.

In light of all these recent trips to the park I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how we do it logistically. What we bring with us when we go out for hours on end, so I decided to put together this list of things that I pack in the diaper bag and stroller for long days.

Diaper Bag:

  • First and foremost, diapers and wipes obviously. We usually only bring 2 for each child because in a given 6 or 8 hour period they aren’t usually going more than once and diapers can take up so much room.
  • *Like I’ve mentioned before, we’ve decided to start potty training Atticus and it’s going so well! So for him we bring a couple of Pull-Ups and we also pack around this little training porta­potty so that we can keep him on a schedule when we’re out! If we’re in the middle of the park, we could be 20 minutes away from the nearest toilet so we try to keep that with us.
  • Formula singles and a bottle for Rosie
  • Water bottle and sippy cup
  • Snacks – This usually always changes, but some of our favorites are theseGerber Yogurt Melts and Baby Mum­Mums.
  • Sunscreen
  • Mini brush (for myself)
  • A couple toys
  • And an extra battery and phone charging cord
  • Other miscellaneous things I HAVE to keep in the diaper bag are hair ties (I lose them all the time) gum (for me) and bobby pins. That sort of thing.


We have the Maclaren Twin Triumph. We actually downsized because we had a hard time fitting our other double into the narrow doorway of our elevator. This is definitely a more compact option and works a lot better for traveling. Much of the time the stroller baskets are used for miscellaneous items or things we need quickly. It’s usually where we put Atticus’s scooter and helmet, dolly stroller, or anything else we bring for him. We also keep this organizer for quick access items. In the stroller organizer we keep:

  • Bottles/sippy cups when they’re in use
  • Phone/wallet
  • Wet Ones disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer

Hope this helps you out. When we’re out for a good amount of time, especially with no car, it’s nice to have a home base in your stroller and diaper bag!

Hope you have a good weekend!

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