Barefoot Blonde Hair by Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Hair by Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Hair by Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Hair by Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Hair by Amber Fillerup

FLORALS: Ashley Nackos / DRESSES: Leanne Marshall / HAIR: Barefoot Blonde Hair

I am sooo excited to write this post!! All of you probably know by now that I love and always wear hair extensions! I am always open about the fact that I wear them and have talked about them over the years. I started wearing hair extensions in high school. My hair is long but naturally VERY thin. So I loved that I could have thick hair and do more hair styles. I became obsessed with them and eventually they just became a part of my every day routine. Even on lazy days I throw in a couple hair extensions and they make top knots look 100 times better! Some of you maybe remember when we first moved to New York City and in the first initial blog post where I announced the move I mentioned we would have an exciting announcement soon. WELL.. over two years later (not so soon after all) here we are! We have never created a product based business before and we learned that it is HARD! Especially since we had all of these other projects going on with deadlines and having two babies during the time we started too! So many times it was taking so long and things seemed to just not be working out that I hit a point where I was so done and was like — this is just not happening! But it ended up being such a blessing in disguise that it took so long because things ended up working out better than they would have.

I am so excited and feel so incredibly happy with how everything turned out. David and I worked on this alone – meaning we didn’t have a partner or investors or anything like that and this is our first time doing anything like this so we may need to get the hang of this at first but I am confident it will all go as planned! Our PRE ORDER will begin Monday October 24th at 12pm EST and it will go through October 27th or while supplies last!! This means you will get the hair before the actual launch day and make sure you get your color before any sell out 🙂 We will have a color matching video to help anyone who is trying to decide between two colors but my best advice if you are unsure is to ask your hairdresser! Just text her the link and ask her which of the two you debating would work best with the color she used. Having been a hairdresser I would have loved to have done this for a client! We will have tons of how to videos to come to help make sure you are using and blending them perfectly. Even if you don’t wear them everyday like I do, you can wear them for a wedding, prom, or just to have for special date nights or times when you want an extra chunky braid or your top knot needs some help 😉

We are starting with 12 colors and I know a lot of you have asked about certain colors but just know we will be adding new colors ASAP and I want to use this pre order to get an idea of what colors specifically you guys want. All of the feedback we can get would be awesome!! Even if you could tweet me a good photo of your hair so I can see the color I will do my best to find a color that matches! As soon as we can get a new color up on the site, we will. We plan to add new colors each couple of months. So please let us know, even if its pink or blue or grey or anything.

I also just want to say thank you so much for all of your sweet comments, emails, tweets, everything in response to my first announcement over social media. Honestly, it means so much to me and I really really love you guys! Thank you so much for supporting us through the years and I hope you guys love your BAREFOOT BLONDE HAIR!!!! These are all of the things I was looking for with my hair extensions!!

#1 Obviously, overall good hair. I have worn over 30 brands of clip in hair extensions and feel like I am a good judge of knowing when a girl has good extensions or not. The hair needs shine but not too much, you want thickness but the ends can’t be too blunt.. etc etc!! There were tons of things that factor into this, I could go on for hours!

#2 Thickness. Not all hair extensions come the same… when someone says the grams that come in a pack – that is talking about how much hair you get. BUT some extensions are really thick on top and get thin on bottom. That is not helpful at all for any girl wearing hair extensions because the whole point is to get thickness on bottom! I wanted thickness throughout the entire weft so girls would have thick hair without it feeling to heavy at the base.

#3 Good clips. I am lazy so when I put in my hair extensions I want it to take me literally 60 seconds. And I could probably clip all of mine in 45 seconds 😉 (granted I have been doin this a long time ha) but because I like to do it quick I want to be able to clip them super quickly and know they will stay in, even if my kid tugs on my hair. Ain’t no one want their hair fallin’ out in public haha! These clips hold SO well. You don’t need to backcomb or add hairspray or any of those tricks, just clip them in.

#4 Packaging. AH I love our packaging so much! I wanted to have beautiful boxes that someone wouldn’t want to throw away. All the extensions I bought came in such boring boxes or just in a plastic sleeve and nothing else. I wanted it to be fun. We are also switching up the pattern on the box every few months to make it fun! They are and all will be custom prints! So excited about our next print too!

#5 LOTS of other stuff that will come shortly after launch to help the extensions buying process easier and less intimidating, but I will try not to totally bore you guys today!!!!!



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