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Twelve things.

  1. I love little dates with my boy. I love sitting across from him and watching him eat his food and occasionally look up to tell me something.
  2. We found a new speech therapist for Atticus and I am so happy about her. She is so wonderful. We met her on the subway randomly, and I can’t stop thinking about how random things like that happen and end up leading to such great things! Isn’t it so weird how little decisions (like deciding to take the subway that day) lead to bigger picture life events…. its just weird when I think about it.
  3. Rosie is into the one leg crawl while the other just slides across the floor and its so funny.
  4. I botched Atticus’ hair.. clearly I haven’t cut hair in a while. I saw a guy on the street with the exact (botched) hair cut and it just really hit me how bad it is haha.
  5. Loving this song and this song.
  6. Atticus is (almost) potty trained and he did it all himself. I wasn’t pushing it yet but I would turn the corner and see him on the pot going to the bathroom! He loves it.
  7. I am really going to miss going to the corner store and getting 3 dozen roses for $23
  8. Atticus could sit in the sink with a cup and the faucet running for hours. Makes getting ready easy.
  9.  Rosie loves to crawl under the coffee table or in the TV console .. or inside of anything!
  10. Finally back to the point where I crave working out. It took 3 months to get to this point but I am happy to be back to craving it.
  11. We finally caved and watched Stranger Things on Netflix and it is sooo good. We only finished the whole season in like.. (not gonna say). But its really good and I can’t get over how much talent those little kids have!! Such amazing actors.
  12. I wore two hairstyles last week. One of them I left in for 3 days straight and then I wore these braids for 4 days straight. Is that not disgusting? Didn’t even wanna deal with it.


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